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Welcome to Geodiversity: Argyll and the Islands!

This is the web site of Geodiversity:Argyll and the Islands, a RIGS group which was set up in 2009. In common with other RIGS groups, we exist to promote a public understanding of geological and geomorphological sites that have been identified as being important

We are very much in the early stages of the project. Over the next few years we hope to be able to identify and publish information on important sites in Argyll and the many islands round the coast.

This is a part of the world with considerable geological diversity, indeed much of it has contributed to a greater understanding of how the earth works.

We look forward to helping to bring this rich diversity to a bigger audience and to help encourage a greater public understanding of earth science

Please feel free to contact us!

Geodiversity:Argyll and the Islands
A Subcomittee of the Geological Society of Glasgow